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LEMDO (Linked Early Modern Drama Online) is a SSHRC-funded platform for editing and encoding early modern plays in TEI, building anthologies, and publishing the LEMDO Hornbooks series. LEMDO is designed to host individual editions, editorial projects, and custom anthologies of early modern plays. All outputs prepared using LEMDO tools are Endings-compliant and ready for long-term digital preservation.

Published and Forthcoming Anthologies

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Latest News

2024-04-02: LEMDO published the . LEMDO is delighted to announce the publication of Douai Shakespeare Manuscript Project Anthology. "The aim of the project," writes Anthology Lead Line Cottegnies (Sorbonne University), "is to offer enriched semi-diplomatic editions of the Shakespeare plays included in Douai MS 787, a manuscript that is often mentioned in Shakespeare scholarship and textual studies, but has not been widely available to scholars." This first release of the DSMP includes semi-diplomatic editions of the 1694-95 manuscript versions of Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth. The DSMP offers three innovative reading modes that allow readers to read original, reader-friendly, and enhanced versions of the texts. Congratulations to Line Cottegnies and her team of collaborators!

2023-11-02: LEMDO launched a new version of the Queen's Men Edition website, formerly published on the ISE platform. QME 2.0 includes fully remediated editions of The Famous Victories of Henry V (ed. Mathew Martin), King Leir (ed. Andrew Griffin), and Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (ed. Chris Matusiak), all with production videos and annotations by Peter Cockett. It includes for the first time Kirk Melnikoff's edition of Robert Greene's Selimus.

2022-12-22: The Linked Early Modern Drama Online (LEMDO) project and the Humanities Computing and Media Centre are delighted to announce that the first edition of the MoEML Mayoral Shows anthology (MoMS 1.0) anthology has been released.

You can also follow technical progress and discussions at the LEMDO Github repository.

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History of LEMDO

LEMDO was conceived by PI Janelle Jenstad (Department of English, University of Victoria) and co-created with Lead Programmer Martin Holmes (Humanities Computing and Media Centre) and former Lead Programmer Joseph Takeda (now at Simon Fraser Universityʼs Digital Humanities Innovation Lab), under the editorial guidance of Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds), Sarah Neville (Ohio State University), and James Mardock (University of Nevada at Reno).

LEMDOʼs project partners are:

LEMDOʼs publishing partner for the LEMDO Hornbooks series is the University of Victoria ePublishing Services.